February 2018

This winter in Ottawa has been exceptionally cold. We will be upgrading the furnace this summer since current one could only make to +17C. :) That must be very hard to picturize in some parts of the World, like Mexico or anywhere more down South. Without properly heated garage, work on car is not an option.

Our long term goal is desktop manufacturing. Robotics has come a long way since we launched In Neohaus Design Studio, we see ourselves as a progressive company, involving new trends, such as desktop CNC that we introduced back in 2005. Now, we would like to take our approach step further, we aim to make fully machine assembled gauges, here in Ottawa, Canada in our office.

The project of reviving existing gauges has proven to be a little more complicated then anticipated. Our silence on the web, does not mean that we have not been working around the clock to make this happen.

  • Even though, schematics change is minimal, a lot of things have changed in last 10 years or so. Either suppliers are out of business or parts are not available. Also, most of parts delivery time have increased to weeks or even months. Every change is paid by delayed times.
  • For newer engines, it would be a lot better to use wide band gauge since it has higher accuracy. Air Fuel Ratio Gauge poses a few questions, such as can you install extra oxygen sensor nut? Wide band or narrow sensor? Accuracy of narrow band sensor is inferior to wide band and without extra circuitry they are not interchangeable. Our survey has not received too many responses. If you do not receive the email with your login info within a day check your spam filters or please contact us directly. We will be glad to resend it to you. Even with a small sample of survey, it seems that only 29% of people own original MK2. For those who would like to sign up on forum and do survey we encourage you to do it.
  • After hearing from a couple of testers, there are a few small issues that need to be dealt with, such as new type of connectors as well as overall process needs improvement and after that, new series could be produced using the same technology as before with updated parts.
  • Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature and Voltage Gauge have been tested enough so we can start delivery within 2 months.
Several people asked on social media and through our site about future plans. We have plans to revive all the gauges (except Audi 90), that includes MK3. If there is interest, we will also develop wide band gauge. MK4 gauges (with narrow band AFR installed as an extra) have been working in test car since June 2017. Depending on interest, they could become product.

The purpose of was also to showcase our web design. It is not so simple to create a design that will continue the legacy, therefore the site design is delayed from what we promised in the video - 2017, but it is coming.

August 2017

Big News!

We are reactivating the website. For now, news will be through old site, but new site is coming soon. Sales are still not available through the site, but through email invoicing. as of 2016 is owned by Neohaus Design Studio, located in Ottawa, Canada.

First test video (literally) of new series that is being prepared for MK2 cars, now tested in MK4. More coming ...

And check out lot better promotional video from Badzak Creative

October-November 2007

DS Contest! Congratulations to Michael Knappenberger
on winning a Duostyling Voltage gauge!

July 2007 is now owned by Badzak Design Inc. from Vancouver BC.

January 2007

New Year, Updated Website ...
Welcome to our renewed site. Now we offer senders that work with the DS lineup of gauges developed so far. New features include easier browsing and easier ordering. MK3 Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature Dual gauge is ready, available any day now on the site. The same applies to Mk3 AFR/Oil Pressure dual gauge.

December 2006 - Early Corrado, Passat B3 and Polo (1990-1994) 4 gauge set avialable now.

These gauges might require some shuffling of existing dummy switches in the dasy. However, it's well worth it As usual, clean look, easy installation. Designed for standard VDO senders, VDO 360-006 (Oil Pressure) and VDO 323-423 (Oil Temperature). Gauges also support OEM branded senders, such as some Audi and VW Cabriolet senders.

August 2006 - AFR/Oil Pressure for early Corrado available now

July 2006 - Oil Temperature for MK2 available now, through sets and as a single gauge.

December 2005 - Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature Gauges for Corrado/Passat - First Look

Oil pressure gauge for A2 (MK2) cars, has been available since early this summer. It has been tested with VDO 360-006D sender. As for Corrado, Passat and Mk3 GTI/Golf/Jetta VR6, we are getting closer to production of oil pressure and oil temperature gauges. In the plans is to offer single temperature and pressure gauge for Corrado, A3 (Mk2), as well as adding up oil temperature gauge for A2 (Mk2) cars. They will be also available as dual gauges, as it is shown on our test car. (Please note, we used an existing decal for AFR/V gauge). The gauge use standard VDO senders, that are widely available on internet.

September 2005 - Short Review in a British magazine Performance VW

May 2005 - Oil Pressure is available.

Oil pressure gauge is available for a VDO sender with resistance range 10-180Ohm/0-5 Bar. The sender used was available for Audi 80/90 and the VAG part number is 035 919 561(a). This particular sender is the 2 pole type which fits on top of the filter flange and has a dual function - as the gauge sender and oil pressure switch for the oil light in the dash. VDO has a few senders with the given range(10-180Ohm, 0-5 Bar) and, in theory, these could be used as well although the gauge WAS NOT tested with them. Some of them are a single pole type which can be installed in the extra spot on top of the filter flange so the stock oil pressure switch is left alone. In the future, the appropriate sender will be available from this site as well.

January 2005 - Surprise, Surprise. Polo G40

Although, VW Polo is maybe coming to North America, we offer Polo G40 A3 (MK3) AFR and AFR/Voltage Gauges. Thanks to Jo?o from Portugal, the gauge had been tested in his G40.

October 2004 - new line up for Corrado, A3 and coming early A4 DSCars
New design for Corrado 1990-1992.5 style dash AFR and dual gauge is now available for order. The old design will not be available anymore. Have a look at our new product dual gauge right now having Voltage/AFR combination. In the future, we will offer more dual gauges. Soon, there will be option for our customers to purchase upgrade for their existing Corrado Air/Fuel Gauge.

This time, we are also offering 1992.5-1995 Corrado AFR.

We had a hardware failure on our server on September 29th. The problem was fixed and server is back to normal functioning. We apologize for the delay that happened in deliveries of our DSProducts.

August 2004 - Oil Pressure Gauge is in final stage of development
We are finalizing the production of duostyling oil pressure gauge and you can expect the prepayment option in our online catalogue very shortly. Our customers who ordered our DSProducts in the past, will as usual, enjoy special discount. Unlike other gauges we design and manufacture, Oil Pressure Gauge will require a sender. As it stands right now, we are looking into wholesale options for oil pressure senders. The gauge itself, will most likely be the same price as our other gauges. Our working prototype is shown below. First one was designed around Audi 80/90 since those cars came with gauges and senders as stock and can be used for calibration and comparison of these two instruments. The production is intended for VW cars only.

Short lived Audi 80/90/Coupe/Cabriolet AFR Gauge
Due to low amount of DSOrders, Audi 80/90 gauge, will be only available as custom order or a group buy. Unlike other gauges this one requires lot of machining in order to satisfy quality standards.

April 2004 - New AFR Gauges coming soon
As of April 1st, Audi 80/90/Coupe AFR is available to order at a special price $49.99. Shipping starts on April 19th, 2004. Audi A4 is coming soon after first Audi gauge.
For VW DSCars, we will be offering soon double gauge for A3 cars as well as AFR gauge for A4 and A1 cars. All prototypes are ready to be installed in various cars to test.
As for other gauges, we are working on developments and as we promised, more is soon to come. We would like to thank to all the people who has shown the interest and suggested some new cool stuff.

December 2003 - New Product Line-up
Starting December 2003, we are introducing completely new line-up of Duostyling DSProducts. New line-up includes Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge, Voltage Gauge and most likely Oil Pressure Gauge. There is a rumor about a certain Boost Gauge as well. We will also be offering new white face gauge overlays as well as upcoming gauge lighting kit. Our old product range will no longer be available.

As an addition to our unique product range, you will be able to order a custom poster of your car, professionally done and printed on UV/water resistant material (paper, vinyl, canvas). Besides quality, the best part of this new service is the size - your poster can be up to 54" wide and up to 150' long (this is not a typo)!

Expanding Duostyling Offer

We now include:

- A2 Golf
- A2 GTI
- A2 Jetta
- A3 Golf
- A3 Jetta
- A2 Corrado G60/VR6
- B3 Passat

- 80/90/Coupe B3

New Management
Stay tuned for more DSProducts coming up...