next Project '61 Ghia - Introduction by Batan

DISCLAIMER: No DSCars, animals nor people were harmed in this restoration. Some people could have been offended in the process by my swearing but that's their problem. Enjoy.

As a VW enhusiast I entered the world of aircooled VWs backwards, in other words, I owned some watercoolers before I decided I wanted an aircooled car as well. Split window bus or Ghia were my choice and, opposite of many people, I liked the coupe better then the convertible. There is nothing like pimping a convertible, I know, me second VW was an '84 Cabriolet. However, in my opinion, Type 14 VW Karmann Ghia is one of the most beautiful automotive designs that ever left the drawing board and made it into production. And a convertible top just spoils those lines.

So...I came across this '61 Karmann Ghia coupe. The engine and tranny have been rebuilt by a VW shop from nearby town. The car drove very nice, acually, at that time it drove better then my '91 GTI which was in . The motor was a swap from a '72 Ghia - 1600cc single port with headers and Bosch 009 distributor. Other then that and degree crank pulley, it seemed stock which was just fine with me (yeah, right,wait until it's done... :)LOL)